Plan Amigos 2021

Dear friends, After months of positioning ourselves as an organization facing how to carry out our activity in the midst of changing circumstances in the world, we are pleased to confirm that in January 2021 we will celebrate (we seek, we do our best, or others) the Cartagena XV Music Festival. This new edition, Il bel Canto, will consist of a musical journey through opera in the Italian musical tradition. Understanding that the country and the world will continue in a gradual process of reopening, the festival will take place for a shorter time than usual, from January 6 to 9. Along the way, we will continue to observe the progress of the social and health context to take care, above all, of the safety and health of our artists and our public.

For us, the Friends of the Festival have always been a fundamental part of the development of each edition; Many of you have been with us since the beginning and have accompanied the evolution of the festival to become the cultural heritage and the international benchmark that identifies us today.

In these moments in which the cultural sector of the whole country is reactivated, we hope more than ever to count on you again. Attached you can consult the more detailed program and opportunities to join the Friends Plan.

I hope to welcome you soon! With love,


Julia Salvi Presidenta Fundación Salvi


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